Founded in the Spring of 2008, the OK Company Paintball community emerged from the minds of Seth Dickinson and Joel DeBogart. Based out of Portland, OR, the community plays on private land, free of charge to it’s members and also attends external events regularly. Locally, OK Company has networked paintball players in the Portland Metropolitan area and surrounding cities. The community has prided itself on providing a free, fun and competitive place to play tactical woodsball.

Nationally, our forums are home to a growing network of players. OK Company has become a breeding ground for discussion of all things paintball and cigars. The majority of our troop call Oregon home, but due to our rapid expansion, we have been host to many people from the greater northwest.

OK Company is more than just paintball, we are a brand, a lifestyle and social network. We are here to develop networks of like minded people, using paintball as the center piece. We are always open for new members and would love to hear from each and every one of you.

If Oregon is close enough for a game, visit the “Enlist” group on our forums, and introduce yourself. If Portland, is a destination thats a bit of a stretch, we would still love for you to be a part of us. Please become a member of our site and find out what we are all about. OK Company has an exciting future ahead of it, so please check back regularly as we unveil it’s path.


OK Company is proud of our accomplishments. We are built on a foundation of fun play, honesty, and aggressive paintball. These awards are the icing on the cake that is OKC.

Victory Plaque & Most Valuable Scenario Team

Super Game 43
Victory Plaque & Most Valuable Scenario Team

Super Game 42

Quad Tactical Tournament: The Swamp
1st Place: OKC Kilo

HDS: 2015

SuperGame 39
Most Valuable Scenario Team

TAW: Army of Darkness
MVP– Drew “Kilts” Holm

HDS: 2014
Most Valuable Team for the N.W.O. side

TAW: Saigon Fury
Most Valuable Player – Seth “Murdoc” Dickinson

SuperGame 37
Victory Plaque & Best Leadership

SuperGame 36
Best Attack


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