OK Company is proud of our accomplishments. We are built on a foundation of fun play, honesty, and aggressive paintball. These awards are the icing on the cake that is OKC.

Super Game 47
Victory Plaque & Most Valuable Scenario Team


Super Game 43

Victory & Most Valuable Scenario Team

Super Game 42

Quad Tactical Tournament: The Swamp
1st Place: OKC Kilo
Bogart, Murdoc, Sert_Cam, DeerKiller

HDS: 2015 -MVST

SuperGame 39

Most Valuable Scenario Team

TAW: Army of Darkness

Most Valuable Player – Drew “Kilts” Holm

HDS: 2014

Most Valuable Team for the N.W.O. side

TAW: Saigon Fury

Most Valuable Player – Seth “Murdoc” Dickinson

SuperGame 37

Victory Plaque & Best Leadership

SuperGame 36

Best Attack

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