The Wake Of OK Company – A Message To Her Members

The Wake of OK Company – A message to her members

This past year has been tough. The past two years have been tough. I think every patched member can agree that the once thunder that was OK Company has echoed against the canyon walls too long, becoming now merely a whisper. We have morphed into a team of very talented individuals and acquaintances whom meet once a year for an annual Supergame reunion. That once blood brotherhood has lost some of it’s meaning. We have been holding on to the past. The days of our yester year are just that. We have lived in the after glow now for two years and that light is certainly dimming as we live life and chase our responsibilities.

In that time few of us have stayed active, some of us have been absent, some of us have moved on from the sport and others to neighboring teams. We have left our own team, our brethren teams and the local scene, wondering; “Is this the wake of OK Company”? It’s not a stretch to think, right? I can see it in everyone’s eyes outside of OKC; “what is going to happen to these guys”? Are they going to disappear or merge into another team? I can read it plain as day on their faces.

I made the mistake of asking myself how we got to this dead end road? I know how. I saw it long ago, but I just wasn’t strong enough at the time to save a sinking ship. Life happened to too many of us, too fast. For us originals the glory of our Rome came quick. As a team that formed in 2008, we entered the scene at a time when scenario was a hot market and our stock was revered. We became a quick contender in the NW. Winning several scenario game victories, MVST awards, two winning SG generals, various SG awards, etc. We were focused on roots paintball. Local. Organizing like minded individuals for the betterment of humanity using paintball simply as the centerpiece. Somehow we got away from that. Spring rose to summer. Summer burned to fall. Fall died to winter. And with the downfall of senior member involvement, the new blood of OKC was left in the cold of winter with no coat, no direction, wondering what they had gotten into. Forced to listen to the stories of our glory days instead of creating their own, the weary grew tired and our patch stock plummeted.

As it sits now, we have lost a small handful of members to neighboring MGB, two started their own team, and a solid bunch to simply life’s responsibilities. But instead of laying down, we are going to stand up. We are going to redirect. We are going to rebuild. We are going to reinvent. Like Bill Pullman said in Independence Day, “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight”! It is time for us learn how to be a team again. Get back to the roots of what makes our structure strong; friendships. Instead of this being an article of our funeral and following wake. This is an article dedicated to OK Company waking up.

It won’t happen over night, nor without pain. But we have been to where we are going before. The road map is there. Every one of you OKC members knows what you need to do. We just need to get in the seat and go. This isn’t a one man saves us all, this is when brothers pitch in. This when we are there for each other. This is when there is no more gas in the tank and you want to quit, but you somehow find the strength to finish strong. You have all fought fucking hard for that patch. Been through more than anyone can imagine. It means something. Dig in. Hold the line and when your brother is wavering, pick him up. We got this. Make our beloved OK Company proud.


Not Too Good To Be True, But It’s Close.

If you remember, not long ago in a previous article I wrote, it was stated that an honest player almost needed to strap on a chastity belt before they entered a public field. Due to the wallet molesting prices and the venereal diseased players who infested those fields, the days of the 70’s free love were replaced by a post -apocalyptic paintball era, where instead of a hot chick experience, we received a rash.

Nowadays, we’ve seen the suck dissipate, and with regular penicillin treatments, the mongrels have vanished to the shadows. With the weak gone and the strong surviving, we’ve seen one miraculous thing happen… players, teams and fields have come together more now, than ever.

With the economic gremlins eating our dollars, the scene has seen some shrinkage, but what that shrinkage has created, is something beautiful. Though paintball players in the northwest have traditionally gotten along, we have seen a heightened level of love between groups, across genres, and with field owners in Oregon.

For years players have asked for BYOP (Bring Your Own Paint) and cheaper field fees. I don’t know if it’s the economy talking, but the fields and promoters have answered.

Look at High Desert Scenario (D’s Hobbies) in Bend, Oregon. They offer some of the best scenario games in the state for $10. S&F paintball, Lebanon, Or. Which recently hosted Oregon’s first “Quad Tactical Tournament” (which was a success and highly recommended), and what did they charge? You guessed it, $10 dollars, and guess what, both those places are clean, have excellent customer service and offer sweet fields.

In the Metro area, let’s look at Action Acres, they go out of their way to cater to players and teams by offering BYOP and awesome entry prices, not to mention, the customer service and lunch specials are par to none.

Impact Action Sports is new to the scene and after it’s first year in operation, it’s clear they too, are doing it right. Offering and catering to groups and events, they have become a local favorite to many. Both Impact and Action Acres have become new homes for the growing pump scene.

Sniperz Den has seen some amazing growth over the last 2 years by hosting Dan Bonebrake’s Supergame. The field owners have done some sweet construction and hands down offer the best woodsball in Oregon. With that said, most importantly, they care. The owners love to work with the players who strive to run their own events and grow the scene.

What’s the common theme here? The players have come together and are working towards a shared goal of making this scene something we want, rather than just a market.  The relationships of both players and field owners, has come so far, but we hope to see it come further. A huge thank you to the owners and players for bringing us this far.

Now, let’s talk about where we can see growth and we can do to help us reach the next level.

Paintball Suppliers, from being in the scene the time I have, I know this industry is cut throat. It’s widely known that in Oregon storeowners traditionally haven’t gotten along with each other… understandable. We can’t change that, but we’d like to see is more of a relationship between stores, fields and players. A grand example is what D’s Hobbies has in Bend. The role the store has played in establishing The High Desert Scenario paintball field and Club is amazing to me. I would guess they see at least 70% of the paintball business in Bend. You may say Bend is small, I agree compared to Portland, but for those of you who would under estimate what they have over there, I ask you eat your words until you’ve experienced what they have first hand, at that point you will realize that the Portland area is missing the right “store” in our equation.

Don’t get me wrong, we have great stores, but regardless of whose fault it is, players are reluctant to go there. Whether it be price, products, politics, are others, people only drop in, grab the essentials and get out. I’d love to see that change. A store that can work together with a field and players to get the results their customer’s want will win our business 100% of the time.

Next on the list, though we’ve done a great job doing this, I’d love to see the continuation of teams and players coming together whom in the past, have not. The break down of old barriers between groups will be key in seeing the sport expand in our scene. How can we accomplish this? As a team, decide on supporting an event or team promoted game that you normally wouldn’t. Also, reach out and become active members of other teams websites and actively engage them.

We are moving in the right direction here in Oregon. With events like the new WCPS, the Quad Tactical Tournament, Supergame and Black Rock, all of which were demanded by players and were delivered, this scene is going in the right direction. Starting from the attitude of the players, the willingness of stores and fields to support us, we can create the best paintball scene in the nation, much like Portland has done with beer.

Quad Tactical Tournament – Oregon Players Cut Their Teeth

One day, one Swamp, one bomb, 12 teams, 31 games and one hell of a good time. No bitching, no moaning, no wiping, no cheating, no clown outfits, no ego’s, no politics, just solid, light hearted competition and pure paintball.

In this sport, if you seek play that mimics the intensity of a Slayer song, or strive to reach the inner crescendo of tactical paintball, look to the Quad Tactical Tournament.

The Quad tactical Tournament is just as it sounds, Quad, meaning 4 man teams and tactical, meaning games based ultimately upon strategy and team work. Each 4 man team is comprised of 3 entities, 1 Heavy Gunner who can carry an unlimited amount of ammo for firing and re-supplying teammates, 1 Medic who can heal two members of their team and carries a pump or pistol, and lastly 2 Rifleman who are limited to 200 rounds, but can be re-supplied. Each team is given 7 minutes to attack or defend an objective.

This last Saturday, March 5th 2010, Some of Oregon’s best tactical scenario players cut their teeth on a new event that will undoubtedly change the face of our scene. We asked for it, it was delivered to us on a silver platter, and let me tell you, those who were there, and those who traveled from near and far, ate that event up.

Everything a tactical player would want to see in a tournament, we saw. Sitting on the sidelines, players lined the netting closest to the first objective as players from both teams met in a close quartered meat grinder. It was obvious in this competition, fear, was left at home as we witnessed players make moves like their lives and lives of their team members depended on it. Hands down, it was the most fun paintball to play and watch that I personally have experienced.  ESPN has always covered various Speedball tournaments. That coverage will have nothing on this and I’m sure Hellfish Videos will make that evident.

OK Company fielded 3 teams. OKC Whiskey, OKC Nick Nolte and OKC Kilo:

OKC  Whiskey: Frog, Toasty, Arturo & Captain A.

OKC Nick Nolte: Sc Phantom, Vicente, Easy & Blitzkrieg.

OKC Kilo: Bogart, Sertcam, DeerKiller & Murdoc.

Going into this event OKC knew they needed to pack big lunch, because the participating teams were comprised of seriously talented players. With names like Moongobbies, Walkons, Central Oregon, Crossfire and others rounding the list, not taking one of those teams serious would be losing mistake.

In the Company’s first round, OKC Kilo played first and was drawn to the third game in a best of three series by Team Crossfire who surely were there to win. Kilo moved on to the second round. Playing against Crossfire was an eye opener and we look forward to finally teaming up with those gentlemen at SG41. great job guy’s.

Second to go was OKC’s Nick Nolte. Again, in a hard fought battle against a team fielded by the Walkons, OKC is drawn to the last game in a best of three series. They won the first match, lost the second, at the start of the third I truly thought they were going to lose the series as two players were eliminated in the opening seconds. The opfor armed the bomb and had eliminated 3 members when SCPhantom charged and in a close quartered house. SC eliminated the opposing force who occupied it, disarmed the bomb and won the round, which took them to the second round.

OKC Whiskey was the last to take the stage. They started off strong in their first game, but ended up losing after some close quartered combat on defense.  Their second game, they had to win. With an initial rush they all reached the outer walls of the objective. Pushing and pushing, they tried to breach the defense that surrounded the objective doors, but were unfortunately able to pull through. OKC Whiskey was eliminated in the first round by a team fielded by Team Walkons and Friends.

In the second round of the competition OKC Kilo and OKC Nick Nolte faced off against each other in a civil war. Intense is the word to describe this series. In a best of three series, OKC Kilo ended up on top, barely squeaking by two consecutive victories. It was said by many, that those two games were hands down the most fun to watch out of the tournament. Although only one OKC team went through, it was obvious both deserved to be there.

The third round of the competition wielded three teams, a team from MGB, Walkons and OKC Kilo. Each Team played each other and the two teams with the best records moved to the finals. After three amazingly tough games, OKC and MGB moved on. My hat goes off to the Walkon team who held strong and kicked butt all day. You guys were awesome and I have no doubts that group will be seen again in the top three next event.

The finals were OKC vs. our brothers of the North, MGB. One game mode, played twice, offense and defense. Attackers had to retrieve and deliver hostages and defenders had to stop them. The first game OKC Kilo was on Defense. We started off bad.  We go too spread out and weren’t able to communicate an OPFOR who breached our line and swooped in behind us. MGB Ironhide eliminated two us and made a move for the hostages. He grabbed two, but was only able to get on delivered as OKC Bogart eliminated him and a hostage while they were on the move. Once healed, OKC  swooped in and were able to re-define our defense line and eliminated the OPFOR.

The second and final round. OKC Was on offense. We had to at least get one hostage to safety to tie the game, two to win or eliminate the opposing force. Right off the bat, We rushed up hill and half mooned the objective. We pushed closer and closer until finally entering the maze where the hostages were held. We snagged two and quickly delivered them. But we weren’t out of the storm yet. We heard word that one hostage was eliminated, so we went hunting. After some intense fights, OKC was able to find and eliminate OPFOR as they strategically moved in around us.

The write up of the matches don’t give the game justice. Each team that played, win or lose, played hard, intense and with honor. This community is proud and humbled to have been part of the first Quad tactical series and look forward to the continuation of the series. Our hats are off to everyone competed, you all made the games great. Even though there was a winner, I think it’s fair to say that our scene truly won the day.

Outlaws & Lawdawgs III – Pump Game – March 27th

It’s that time again for everyone’s favorite pump game, OUTLAWS AND LAWDAWGS!

This is OKC’s  third go around, each time we play it just keeps getting funner and funner. Set the in 1800’s, O&L is a western scenario game with the Outlaws pitted against their long time foes the Lawdawgs.

When: March 27th, 2011

Ages: 18+ Only

Where: OKC MTN

Directions: Either create an intro thread or contact me directly: arthuro.a(at)gmail(dot)com.

Paint or Air? BYOP/A

Where can I find more information? Check out the main event thread on our boards here.  You will need to register to see this area of the forum.

Authorized markers:

  1. For pumps, anything goes.
  2. For pistols, anything goes.
  3. If you have to use a semi-auto, no more than 10-20 balls in the hopper.
  4. If you have an a-5, you can use any hopper and have as many rounds in it as you want as long as you disconnect air to cyclone and load one ball at a time by pushing the button.
  5. If you have to use an electro, no more than 10-20 balls in the hopper. If you have a Dye Rotor Hopper, you can use the anti-jamming mechanism to load one ball at a time.

Game Overview: Coming soon!

What are these events like?

To view Outlaw & Lawdawgs II thread, click here.

To view the original Outlaw & Lawdawgs thread, click here.

Or watch these videos:

Outlaws & Lawdogs 7/11/10

Outlaws & Lawdogs Card Game

Games in November/December!

With the falling of the leaves and the dropping of temperatures, OKC sets out to once again cut it’s teeth on Winter Paintball. So yes, it’s time to dig out the long sleeve BDU’s and stocking caps, gather your courage and plan some Sundays with OK Company and our beloved OKC Mtn.

November and December will see multiple outings for the community. Whether it be on the field or off, please be sure to stop in, say hello and throw some paint with us. Our schedule is below: Continue reading “Games in November/December!”

Your Own Social Group

Welcome! If you’ve got a group of friends who play together – or are a team needing a place to discuss battle tactics, scenario games, or to just have an online presence, we can host it in our Social Groups. You’ll have the ability to create a public group, or a private group in which you may decide who has access and who may read your posts.

  • To see what groups are active now visit the forums, login and click the “Community” tab at the top navigation bar
  • Select Social Groups and scroll down to find a link to create a new group
  • Now choose a category, group name and group type (moderated or public)

From there you can upload a group image you’d like to use and then proceed to the group’s main page to start a discussion. Feel free to contact Captain A, art, or Vince on the forums if you have any questions regarding forum usage.

Welcome To The New OK Company Site

welcomeWe here at OK Company are always trying to make things better for ourselves and our community. We are a community of paintball players, each bringing something different to the table. We welcome all paintball players from all walks of life and different teams. Our site is a work in progress, but will feature announcements of our upcoming scenario games, reviews of product, paintball news, thoughts and of course lots of paintball. Our new forums will be up soon so get ready for the rebirth of OKC!