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SG 43 – Red Victory, OKC Most Valuable Scenario Team

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This is the second time that OKC has been presented with the Most Valuable Scenario Team award at Super Game.  OKC would like to thank everyone involved for a great day of paintball and we hope to see everyone out again in August.  

Not Too Good To Be True, But It’s Close.

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If you remember, not long ago in a previous article I wrote, it was stated that an honest player almost needed to strap on a chastity belt before they entered a public field. Due to the wallet molesting prices and the venereal diseased players who infested those fields, the days of the 70’s free love […]

Quad Tactical Tournament – Oregon Players Cut Their Teeth

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One day, one Swamp, one bomb, 12 teams, 31 games and one hell of a good time. No bitching, no moaning, no wiping, no cheating, no clown outfits, no ego’s, no politics, just solid, light hearted competition and pure paintball. In this sport, if you seek play that mimics the intensity of a Slayer song, […]

Outlaws & Lawdawgs III – Pump Game – March 27th

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It’s that time again for everyone’s favorite pump game, OUTLAWS AND LAWDAWGS! This is OKC’s  third go around, each time we play it just keeps getting funner and funner. Set the in 1800′s, O&L is a western scenario game with the Outlaws pitted against their long time foes the Lawdawgs. When: March 27th, 2011 Ages: […]

Games in November/December!

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With the falling of the leaves and the dropping of temperatures, OKC sets out to once again cut it’s teeth on Winter Paintball. So yes, it’s time to dig out the long sleeve BDU’s and stocking caps, gather your courage and plan some Sundays with OK Company and our beloved OKC Mtn. November and December […]

Your Own Social Group

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Welcome! If you’ve got a group of friends who play together – or are a team needing a place to discuss battle tactics, scenario games, or to just have an online presence, we can host it in our Social Groups. You’ll have the ability to create a public group, or a private group in which […]

Welcome To The New OK Company Site

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We here at OK Company are always trying to make things better for ourselves and our community. We are a community of paintball players, each bringing something different to the table. We welcome all paintball players from all walks of life and different teams. Our site is a work in progress, but will feature announcements […]