O&L at HDS in Bend, OR – One Epic Game!

We’ll be updating our site with more content and some videos from the Operators soon.  For now check out some of these pics and what people are saying about this recent game! It was off the chain!

“To sum it up in one sentence, I don’t know how we play O&L at any other field. We had such a blast out there today by the 4th or 5th game ppl were just haggard. Totally beat after one epic game after another, each was planned and operated beautifully. The Operators also struck a nice balance between historical O&L formats and adding some games and concepts of their own, like the lynching dummy game or the horse carriage driving around the field, which you could randomly rob for loot. Others are luckier robbing the stage coach becAuse when I tried the dude sittin shotgun blasted my ass, hilarious I broke down laughing. We also prospect patched a new member, Swensanator…. Congrats pal and welcome to the big leagues of p8nt shit. Big thanks to everyone, we have a great scene.” -Arturo, OKC

“Varts! Thanks for creating such an awesome game format. I hope we lived up to the standards. The weather ended up being awesome out there considering the day before was rain all day and today it is pissing rain like crazy! Good to hear you guys had such a great time! I really wanted to get out there and mix it up with my pump but driving the stage coach and getting robbed over and over again was a hoot! (I know, stage coaches don’t have reverse! LOL!) The 2nd card draw game cracked me up! Each team captain drew 1 card or so each and then the wind blew the next card over perfectly. It just happened to be the ace!! Both looked at it in amazement and asked “Well, what do we do now?”…….pause. “Let’s just shoot em!”. Both pulled their pistols and a hail of fire ensued. Both captains took shots before laying face down in the dirt! I couldn’t stop laughing! We had a couple more games written up but by the time we got to them everyone was pretty well spent. HDS takes it out of you between the sun and the sand! Congratulations to those who won the Tipx pistols and other goodies on the raffle! Thanks to Swampdog for the donations for the raffle as well!  It was great to see you all out there. You guys are top notch! It is always a good time when OKC is involved. We really appreciate the support! Until next time… Hoo-Op!”  SilentWarrior, Operators

“Wow had a great time out there today. Games where Friggin fun, and people were great. Pew pew thank you again for great a great place to crash and leading us to places to eat. Games where intense. Aaron, Vince and Art, josh, James, Eddie, Swensanator awesome weekend guys thanks for being there.” Swampdog, OKC

“Yesterday was so bad ass on so many levels. Pump and pistol games make for some epic stories and HDS is perfectly set up for a outlaws and lawdogs old west theme. It was great seein some new people out there. Paintball is alive and doing well in Oregon if you don’t believe me come and find out for yourself. Can’t wait to get out there with you guys again. Hoo-Op!” Lochness, Operators 

“Epic O&L I just don’t know where to start, had so much fun I was pushing my body through heat exhaustion and loving it. Dummy game was great, every game was great – awesome job guys” Vicente, OKC

“We had a blast the weather was perfect for paintball we had about 35 players show which worked out great. The games were fun the battles were intense all in all an awesome day of HDS paintball. Thank you to all who made the trip as your company was appreciated. Thank you to the Operators, OKC, Hellfish and all the rest of our nw paintball brothers for coming out to play.” Bigdawg. Moongobbie Bros


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Smeed Memorial Game – 3/16/2013

3/16 was a huge showing for Northwest player Justin Burrell who leaves 2 kids behind after his tragic passing.  Hosted by his home team The Walkon, players from all corners of the scene converged on The Swamp in Lebanon,Oregon for some wick PB in some premo perfect March weather.

Phantom from OKC was kind enough to capture the day in pictures:


O&L – Quite possibly our best yet

O&L is only game event ever to be banned from OKC’s homefield, The MTN.  Our epic third event in 2010 attracted over 70 people to this small plot of private private property in Boring Oregon. We were turning away national teams last minute, but even then we were way over our fields capacity.  Since then, O&L has been hosted at the Swamp in Lebanon to support turnout. Earlier this year we were very pleased to hear that O&L was once again welcome back at the MTN. With a promise of course that we won’t go “too big”.  We promise Steve! :)

We were blessed perfect weather during a virtual monsoon on Sunday, November 18th. The rain ebbed all day until we left, only sprinkling us with a fine mist and a few light intermittent showers.   OKC and our best friends Moongobs, Walkons and Gearheadz showed up for a soupy pump game on the mountain. Each game was intricately planned by Captain A with each opposing teams generaled by Arturo (outlaws) and Vincente (lawdogs), founders of O&L. Each game was a close contest for victory enabling teams to make pushes and crucial plays in each wild west themed skirmish. Ultimately the outlaws won the day though, only by the skin of their teeth, fare and square!  Learn more about it here in our event thread: http://okcompanypaintball.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2565

Pictures to be updated as they become available:












Black Hawk Down – Sniperzden

OKC is sending a sizable contingent of troops to this event, so if you are playing against the US team prepare to get owned.


>>> OKC Event Thread <<<


Expecting around 200 players for this. Discounted entry and paint if you register by Monday, Oct. 29.

The game is at Sniperz Den in St. Paul.

8:00 Gates Open
9:00 Mandatory Orientation
10:00 Games Begin

Last game and raffle should be done by 4pm.

Email Dan if you have any questions.



AAR – Operation Dewey Canyon

Another OKC Mountain scenario come and gone and what a fun day it was.  All three major games were very intense as we had a very solid turn out from our Allied teams and new players alike.  Probably the best part of this event was the superb video that Frog filmed, amazing.  Check out it out on the right side of this page and be sure to set it to high quality. :)


OKC – Vicente

SG44 – After Action Report

OKC had all sorts of fun this year at SG44.  This year we changed things up and brought out a larger OKC showing for Augusts game.  We also added two new team members, PewPew and Lucifiers_Angel (their names on the boards).  We also had Winstonsmoker, Chowser and his wife Margaret, our members from the North Coast who were kind of enough to capture some images for us.  If you missed the game here a brief overview for you:

Night Game:

OKC souljahs Arturo, Pappy, Lucifer, Fang… who else… went out for the night game and had a blast. Red took Darkwood but we took the DMZ which made it even. The highlight for me was FS rounding some sorry bastard atop one of their DMZ forts. I saw his little lasers and flashlight do a little dance and I made some love on his face. Pappy and Lucifer both stayed out there the entire time, cheers to those guys. I went through a number of FS mags and headed back half-way through.


Almost too much happened Saturday to summarize, especially when I’m feeling lazy. It was for the most part a tit for tat game, we won some, they won some. At the end of the day, it felt like we were consistently getting the best of red and we were right because going into Sunday we were at least 100 pts ahead. The yellow side of the field is incredibly easy compared to the red side. This was the first Super Game where I didn’t get the shit shot out of me. It was quite fruitful for everyone, everyone’s kill-death ratios were easily 10-1.  Near the start of the day Reaper asked OKC to take Darkwood, 5-6 of OKC made a steady push killing more and more dudes until Vince flanked the fort and eliminated all seven people inside at close range, total domination!

Another highlight of Saturdays game was WinstonSmoker’s epic savior kill in the DMZ.  This red guy was blasting everyone from atop their fort on the treeline. No one could reach him before getting sprayed. Under fire I hatched a plan with Jacobus, I said I would charge up to the next bunker so the sapper would expose himself and shoot at me. At the count of the 3 I charged and could hear the whizzing of opfors rounds zoom past my face. Right in the middle of my run Jake opens up and lands about 15-20 balls on this cocksuckers face – no bullshit. He started screaming like a baby and Jake even got a warning form the ref. I was unrepentant, take it bitch!


For most people, Sunday came and they couldn’t play because:
1. They drank too much the night before
2. They drank too much the night before

LOL! OK not all of you, I admit I was pretty tired come Sunday too. But that didn’t stop me from mobbing from base to base w/ Reaper & Crew taking beads and names with my CCM pump. We went pretty much unchallenged, any resistance we encountered was liquidated on command. By far my biggest highlight of the day was when I entered the field and went solo behind enemy lines to snipe at the Red pump militia. From across the Swamp I could see legions of players trying to move across the hillside. I sat there and plinked I don’t know how many people, 30, maybe 40 it was like ducks in a barrel. By the time someone would find out I was shooting at them from that directions, I would plant one on their face. Finally I heard someone scream “he’s down in the swamp!!!” all of a sudden trees and limbs were falling down around me there was so much paint hailing down on my position, I was tripping and falling trying to get out of there lol. At the end of the day, Red ended up with 39 points capturing the victory for the weekend. Dix.

Couple honorable mentions here:

We had Igby, Darius, Joaquin and one other gentleman (not placing his name) join us for Saturday’s battles. They fought with great valor in the depths of the fields swamp ass. Cheers to you guys, we hope to see you on Sept. 16th.

Lukeone! This guys shows up, blasts some fools, then exits the field and makes one of the most delicious full course BBQ dinners I’ve had in recent memory. Big thanks to you, kindest chef sir please may I have another.

Lucifers_Angel and Pew Pew, these two guys had to be field promoted for straight blasting bitches up and down the field. Welcome to team OKC!!!

Who could forget Chowser and his lovely wife Margaret, you guys made yesterday and today even better. Sept. 16th!!! You can stay at my place too, guest room, full course Art breakfast consisting of black coffee, cereal and toast.

Last but not least, a shout out to El Fang who rolled OKC all three mufugin days. I saw this guy go robocop rage on some noob man flesh, don’t let his nice appearance fool you. Cheers to you buddy!





Tribal Warfare Classic @ MGB Field

“The war is coming….

In the land of Moongobbie, two rival tribes, Urban and Ewok,
go to war for the favor of their gods.
These deities grow tired of the tribes insignificant offerings and petty SUNDAY! squabbles.
But this SUNDAY! will mark the end of an age old struggle for power!
Because this SUNDAY! the gods demand both the tribes of Moongobbie to destroy each other once and for all.
There will be pain, there will be sacrifice,
only one tribe will be victorious,
and the other, will die in the name of the gods.

Welcome to Tribal Warfare…

  • Where – Moongobbie Brothers field, Hockinson, WA  – >>>EVENT THREAD<<<
  • When – 10AM Sunday, Aug 12th.
  • Pump & Pistol Only
  • Why – Oh come on!
  • Paint – BYOP.
  • Air will be available on the field.

This time around TW will revert back to scenario style play.
I’m calling it TW Classic.

This is a pump and pistol only game. Pappy pumps are ok too. Just like last year there you may carry one personal shield somewhere on your person. Hits to these shields do not count.

Unfortunately there are no game details right now. Updates to come.

Hope to see you there.”