Wiping is like Hax

Not as big of a problem as some say,

but still a problem.

not hit!

I’ve always wondered why people wipe.

How do you feel good about winning on

God Mode? Maybe this is why so many

speedballers have that bitchy serious face in photos,

they won on God Mode and know it.


Not bitter here I’m actually curious.

My hypothesis is that alot of people are try-

hards, they need to hang with people

that actually have skill and so

wiping comes into play.

I can guarantee there is someone out

there that hax in BF3 and wipes in

paintball, just imagine that little

Anyway I’m bored of writing this tell me what you think about wiping in the comment section, especially if you have something bitchy to share.

Our Stock is on the Rise

You ever have those days where you just want to turn on some Ke$ha music, drink a beer in bed at 4:30 am after work, and write a completely ridiculous article for no reason other than to keep yourself from watching pornography all morning and doing the things you promised yourself you’d stop doing when graduated college?  This is that morning for me.  In spite of the hot blonde I could be watching getting double teamed by two studs, I’m going to write about paintball and the pure fact that Woodsball scenario power teams are on the rise.

Before I indulge into my feast of words, I must first thank this articles sole benefactors, Arturo and Vicente, whom under no fail, always come through with honesty.
It’s been a while since I’ve put on a shit show, so without fail here I am and damn it I have something to say. For all you woodsball and scenario players out there in our area, you deserve a reach around. For a long time we haven’t had our act together and over the past 4 years, we’ve built and multiplied on the previous years progress until finally we’ve gained some damn respect.

A long time ago, not long before my nuts dropped (so nearly last week), I stepped on to Splat Actions field with some friends for a day of paintball. At that time, Joel and I had small contingent of friends who played regularly on family property, to call us a team would be a stretch but nonetheless, we were a band of brothers. Though the day was a glorious memory of ass kicking I’ll never forget, the one thing I walked away with is that players who dressed like us, who shot markers like us, players who preferred woods and a country back drop over the ever so popular hyper ball at the time, would never get the respect from main stream paintball and tournament players.

15 years later that same mentality exists on some levels, but I’ll say this, those fuckers are on notice. We are strong and I dare you to make teams like ours flex. On the field and in the market place, we are gaining speed. We are gaining a momentum that is not being paralleled by tournament ball. We have built relationships, we have bled together, we’ve got our butts whipped together and I’m sure at some point after a few beers we’ve cried together, but one thing is certain, we are rising together. The biggest game on the west coast (Supergame) is now being dictated largely by who can drum together the scenario teams and the quality speedball groups. Why? Because we aren’t individual superstars, we are players who depend on teamwork, communication and execution. Years ago, People wouldn’t take teams like ours serious. Now, in games like SG, people think twice before going toe to toe or at least pack a lunch when they throw down. We aren’t the best, we aren’t the biggest, but I guarantee you, the scenario teams in this scene are going to give you a run for your money.

Speedball has scarred it’s own scene so terribly, that it has created this division in players. Woodsball, scenario and hybrid teams are banding together now more than ever in numbers, in like moral mindsets, and forming cohesiveness, unity and raising the bar of quality paintball in our area. Those days of speedball aggressive personalities at large games like Dan Bonebrakes, “Supergame” are on their way out, because we aren’t putting up with it. This scene controls the market and damn it, it’s a blessing. Honesty, sportsmanship, brotherhood, these are things our scene is promoting and its contagious. I can’t thank you all enough, whether you’re an OK member or friend from another NW team, you all have worked your tail off to get us what we have today. KC Crusaders 24hour game was a gigantic eye opener in regards to how much our scene has matured compared to others.

So all you out there who are lugging around a 50lb packs in the field, carrying radios, wearing camos instead of a neon snowboard outfit, keep trucking on. OK Company salutes you. We may not be the most popular bunch, but we don’t care, we’re as honest as they come and for those who carry us as brothers, we’ll go to hell and back for you any day of the week.

Cheers and see you in the mud,

OK Company ~ MURDOC an Oregon Original

Why Speedball is dumb

Just a foreword of caution here, there’s some strong opinions about to be dumped in this post.

I can’t stand speedball.  I remember when I first got into paintball in like 98, I had these speedball friends who trashed on my m98.  “Oh you gonna go play army?”, they would would say. I would respond with something about their bright yellow/red jersey, that or the ridiculous multi-colored, puffy snowboarding pants they had on.  Nothing like running through the woods with Ronald McDonald at your side.

I have no problem with speedball guns.  In fact, I love all types of paintball guns and think we should never stop innovating cool new things. I think speedball guns in the woods is great – not my thing, but I aint h8tin.  As I sit here and try to remain civil, I’ve come to realization that it’s the culture of speedball I dislike.  And that’s what brings me my to my next point: Speedball format continues to die and should be dead. It’s not innovative, in fact it’s the same thing over and over again.  It had it’s chance and it failed, miserably, over and over again, decade after decade. What league is still around? So many come, go and die does any of it really even matter anymore? Has anyone tried to sit down and actually watch a speedball tournament anymore? I was bored to tears by 30 minutes but hey, maybe speedball is like Nascar.

The egos that go on display, seriously – I won’t even bother explaining it, it’s a reality. How about cheating? Can anyone tell me a sport that coaches their players to dishonor their own game and cheat? Hey Johnny, me and Mommy want you to practice real hard at paintball so you can go pro someday.  Also honey, when the ref isn’t looking, cheat your little fuckin ass off in front of the crowd and television cameras –  if no one notices its all good.  This is fine for your dumb sport, but when you come into the jungle, the woods, the scenario, we’re going to blast the shit out of your fruit looping ass.  To think we actually think cheating is bad… kind of like other recreational sports and activities. Cheating is so god damn pervasive too – isn’t there a couple PB video games that allow you to cheat?

What a spiteful and mean little post I’ve written,







Mag Love

Last weekend I brought out a mag and just fell in love for the millionth time. Don’t get me wrong I love electros but it really is nice to go all mechanical, that’s part of the reason why pump has become so popular. Hey maybe we can have a mechanical only game?  Mags would love that and I would love that too.  I recommend everyone take a look at the B/S/T section at automags.org

Arturo’s Recommendation Station

Are you tired of your pants falling down? Who wants to see their butt crack on Frogs video? Not me! Check out this suspender system I configured:

If you’re the type of player that runs with a tank-on-gun, you’re really going to like this combo. Not only does it keep your britches where they should be, but it also doubles as a molle panel for pods.  The shoulder straps coupled with the belt threading ensures virtually no swing or bounce.  The suspender straps are from Valken and the load bearing belt can be found anywhere, here is the particular belt featured here.

How to run with a neck protector and NOT look like an idiot:


Do you hate chronoing like I do? Does your strategy usually entail forward movement and peppering your opponents at medium to short range? Well I have some recommendations for you.

I’ve started overboring to .693 and by doing this, I’m ensuring that paint smoothly enters the barrel without any friction, thus eliminating any dwell fluctuations that can create artificial low FPS in some cases.  My favorite new barrel  is a 10 inch .693 bore CP barrel:

I’ve tested it in my backyard with several different types of paint, all laser straight with great consistency in FPS. I’m sure in some conditions and at long distances this might not be optimal, but thus far I have been very impressed after switching to this.  I’m done fiddling and matching bores, don’t got the time, sucka.

Have you ever got all the way through chrono line only to find that you’re shooting WAY too hot?

It’s always right when your buddies are ready to insert too.  Here’s a solution I’ve used: screw on a 5” or 6” barrel. At these lengths it gives the ball significantly less run-way to work with.  If you slide a 5′ inch barrel over that steamy hot marker, it will bring you down a good few notches, certainly enough to get you pass the chron.

I carry a 6′ inch Flasc barrel:



Response to the “New National Tournament”

Recently, there’s a new whisper in wind regarding tournament paintball. It appears soon, there could be a new player on the block. It appears folks near and far have been traveling to Diamond Hill Paintball just outside Corvallis, OR. to get a chance to experience the format. Waivers are having to be signed and everything is hush hush… to some it’s no biggie, to others, they can’t get over the fact people can’t talk about it publicly. Me personally, you will find, I don’t mind that it’s a secret, not at all, I just wonder if it will stabilize the tournament scene and finally crown a king for a top national league.
I have questions, but as you will see, my questions aren’t relevant to the actual league, rather to its purpose. While I don’t participate in these types of paintball formats, I am however always interested in seeing the sport grow, gain support and since it’s happening in our backyard, I’m interested.

Stay with me for a moment, as I am going to explain some obvious things before I reach my true question; Paintball has struggled to find its identity on the main stage. Paintball has failed over the past 30 years to find some sort of uniformity other than its simplicity… point the gun.. I mean marker, pull the trigger and eliminate your opponent. For such a simple concept, much like throw a ball, kick a ball, score a touch down, or score a goal, we have failed to agree on the sports “mainstream” version we’re going to promote. NPPL, PSP, Macaroni and cheese, what have you, we have one sport, with many different leagues contending for center stage and what’s the big difference?

Are there two NFL’s? How about NBA’s? MLB’s? Why on earth are there 2 national paintball leagues and about to be a third? Where have we gone wrong here? The image paintball portrays on a national level (my opinion), is that paintball is confused as a whole. One minute it’s this, playing under these rules and the next it’s something else, kinda similar but not. Where are you paintball?

I hope this new league is as great as everyone claims. I hope it either is so amazing people switch to playing it with a sense of urgency or on the flip, it fails quickly instead of slowly drawing more and more people and the sport apart.

We need, the sport needs, uniformity if we ever want to play in the real big leagues, where money is made, where people want to watch and companies actually pay to advertise, then we need “A” standard. Until then, national leagues and the majority of “professionals” of these leagues will continue to be part time desk jockeys during the day and 30,000 dollar millionaires at night.

So, in the future, I hope someone can answer the following questions: What does this league bring that’s so different? Is it the format? Is it the cost? Is it the giant financial backing that will bring it to the mainstream? Is it the sound business plan, market research and management team thats going to develop it into a mainstream market? Is it a little different from most, just “more” fun? (which there’s nothing wrong with). Or is it truly what tournament paintball has been waiting for?

Given this is PbNation, I’m sure someone is going to read my post in a malicious manor, call me a dirty name and tell me to mind my own business (being that most know me as a figure in the outlaw ball community). I assure you that this post is not meant for that reason. I wish everyone luck, I hope it succeeds if it’s what’s good for the mass and ultimately stabilizes the tournament scene.

– Murdoc

Background information on this post can be found in this thread on PBN.

BT Warrior Forum Meltdown

UPDATE 9/8/11:

Thank you to TekHouse (“BeeTee“) for making a complete idiot of himself on our site,  trying to astroturf this very blogs comment section no-less.  It appears though that we achieved our goal, BT Warrior Forum has been returned to it’s original free status:

BeeTee says: And the normal unrestricted access is back too.

All  evidence on their site has been deleted but this blog will remain for future reference.

Over the past year there has been a steady increase  of pressure on BT Warrior members to donate.  For those of you not familiar with “BT Warrior” it’s a forum and BT user community run in association w/BT  or in some type of partnership with BT. This ‘donation fever” has culminated into a series of fits waged by BT Warriors frontman TekHouse.  Yesterday he blocked access to the entire forum with a simpering little message about how donations were needed. This morning TekHouse has decided to block key sections of the forum from members who have not yet donated.  Yes that’s right, they went ahead and blocked peoples access to key parts of their community because they haven’t donated.  I will update this blog periodically w/real time info but for now here’s some interesting screen grabs:


After posting a link to this article it appears TekHouse or some Mod over at BT have deleted my accouint.


Really juicy thread over at PBnation, check it out here.

TekHouses response before thread deletion


PBnation deleted our thread. Simply amazing the turn around time it took for their mods to act on it, mere hours. Especially considering that the thread didn’t even violate their rules. Be on the look out for a new thread.


New PBnation thread here.


Literally seconds after reposting the thread, it gets deleted and I recieve an infraction – here is what it says:

Reason: Inappropriate Content
If a thread was deleted please do not just repost it. Please go to the TTMA forum and discuss it with the Mods there. They will do their best to answer your issue and work with you.


New  thread posted in the PBN TTMA Forum here.

Bob Long G6R

Sleek and secksy out of the box, it also owns foobs from the get go with almost zero tinkering.  I just bought one and used it at Super Game and it didn’t take long for it to break in at all.  Even when running on HPA I could go through almost 10 pods, with the Ninja SLR reg you can go up to twenty!

This gun is a must have for anyone interested in a new high end marker.  For a more technical and detailed review (that I agree with) you can visit this link.

First Strike Compatible

At least 5 OKC Team members have FS compatible markers and it’s not hard to understand why:  FS rounds are great for engaging targets at considerable distances and they pack a punch.

For the time being we are all using Tiberius products however that could change in the future.  There have been rumblings about an FS compatible “D Mag” for the Tacamo A5 mag converter which would be kind of nice if you think about it. I’ve also heard a rumor today about Metadyne offering FS tubes/feeders for their Thumper pump, taking a quick look around and it appears to be substantiated.

And thats not all, it appears that there is a company that is actually offering manufactured FS clips for the TPX!  Holy shit, people have been making mods like this for a while, now I’m interested.  If you know of any other possible conversions or new FS ready markers please post in the comments section.

What ever you do, don’t be surprised if you get a silver beard on OKC Mountain.  We love our FS rounds and we will shoot you in the face.