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Northwest Player Spotlight

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Jeremiah “Frog” Houx
OK Company

Basic Info
Name: Jeremiah Houx
Call Sign/Screen Name: Frog
Location: Portland, OR
Gun(s): Smart Parts SP1, Tiberius 8
Gear: JT Flex 8, MOLLE vest, 70/4500 Guerilla Air
Position: Light Rifleman
Team: OK Company

How did you get started in paintball?
I started playing in 2008 with a roommate and a few friends at local pay to play fields. Once I found OK Company I started playing regularly, on occasion 3-4 times a month. After the first heated battle I encountered I was hooked to the game for life.
How long have you been playing?
I began playing paintball around March, 2008 and joined OK Company in May, 2008. I can’t even count how many games I’ve played since then.

How did you come to join your team?
My first signature pic on the old forums was me chugging a beer. I think that was the ticket; also because all the people in OKC are great tactical players and have great sportsmanship. I knew they were the right group.

What do you enjoy the most about paintball?
The firefights! When there’s an enemy position to conquer, and your squad lead radios you to attack, I love nothing more than to bring the fight to the OPFOR! And when the games are over you can hang up your gear and have a good time with everyone.

What was your first paintball gun?
My first paintball marker was a used BT-4 Combat. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it as an inexpensive first marker or one you could greatly modify to meet your preferences.

What are some of the big events have you attended?
The largest event I’ve attended would definitely be SuperGame and I’ve been to a few of those. Also the Black Hawk Down events by Warpaint were pretty awesome. My favorites would have to be HDS’s end of the year games.

What’s your most memorable paintball game situation?
At SuperGame 37 I was with a small team embedded with more of our forces defending Yaeger Beach. Arturo and I were posted behind a large tree facing the incoming OPFOR and my wife Toasty was to our left-back flank, creating a funky wedge formation. I had just reentered after filling up with 1000rds of paint and a full air tank. At first things were pretty quiet, just picking off a few unsuspecting OPFOR on the front lines, then all of a sudden a tidal wave of players came rushing toward the objective and the entire forest lit up with paint. People were screaming for reinforcements all across the line but we 3, Toasty, Arturo and I, we layed down the paint on the OPFOR. I went through my full ammo count within 5-10 minutes of thick fighting and took out countless players.

Anything you’d like to add:
Check out my youtube vids for OK Company: http://www.youtube.com/okcfrog


11 Responses to “Northwest Player Spotlight”
  1. Murdoc says:

    Great write up, James! Looking forward seeing more! Frog, you the man! Thanks for being an awesome part of the community!

  2. Good interview on a great person and player.

    Pleasure to know you Frog! Look forward to hooking up at the end of this month!


  3. AriZona says:

    Great write up!

    Frog is a badass!

    Really good idea.

  4. Arturo says:

    That is also my most epic firefight as well Frog. Nothing compares to it.

  5. Shrek says:

    Frog is one of the most honorable play in the northwest. I am glad to beable to play paintball with like minded players like Frog

  6. Zeta says:

    Yeager Beach Minor… I’ll never forget that fight!

    Awesome write up, James.

  7. Jbern says:

    Did you ever know that you’re my heeeeeeeeeee-row!

    Awesome write up on an awesome player.


  8. scphantom says:

    Awesome write up. Frog is one fo the best to mow down the OPFOR with.

  9. Frog is one of the most honorable play in the northwest. I am glad to beable to play paintball with like minded players like Frog

  10. Swampdog says:

    frog im very glad to be able to play along side of you.

  11. Frog says:

    Thank you guys! *late reply, lol

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