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OPERATION: Colombian Pony – Rebel Insurgency

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When: June 26th
Time: 9:00 Game on 10:30.


Join OKC for it’s first scenario game of the summer. This June we revisit a game of our Yesteryear, “Colombian Pony”. With the lush jungles of OKC Mtn. growing in volumes, our beloved home easily tranforms to the rainforests of Colombia and it’s shanty towns. CP- Rebel Insurgency, will add a great new chapter to the previous game and easily bring firefights we will talk about for the remainder of the year.

Let us know here if you and or friends are interested in attending.


June. Cocaine is on the rise. With financial and military aide, the Colombian government is once again trying to re-gain control of the war on drugs. The past five years have been a loss. Cartels have adopted new costly, strategies to ensure their product makes it to market. Collectively, the hierarchy of Colombia’s drug trade have obtained the help of the nations top two rebel insurgency groups. Combined, the FARC & the ELN have ensured the export of all product through use of para-military force and seizure of key export locations. With it’s success, the two groups are growing, threatening major port cities and out lying areas with it’s power.

The Colombian government has taken a no holds bar stance on the issue; locate and eliminate anyone who associates with either group. With Colombian Commandos and US Green Berets, the allied forces are ordered to strategically eliminate and protect key locations.


The Bad – The following two groups represent rebel insurgents who work hand in hand with drug cartels to move illegal narcotics, kidnap civilians, kill, capture and control some of the countries most key locations which allow drug trafficking for a price.
ELN (National Liberation Front)
FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)

The Good – The following two groups are highly specialized in counter insurgency. These groups work hand in hand to strategically eliminate the strength and control of the rebel insurgency groups
Colombian Commandos Especiales
US Green Berets

Join us Sunday the 19th and ride the white ride of Colombian Pony. Would you rather sit at home or… assault a port city? or launch yourself out of boats into a hail of gunfire? or Be part of group who fights OPFOR in order to deliver loads of cocaine? lastly, the opportunity to sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up!?!

What side will you join? Who will you fight for? Sign up now and pledge your allegiance! We need one leader per each of the 4 groups. These people will only have the responsibility of coordinating strategic efforts in order to complete each mission. If interested PM Me.


Insurgents in the midst - Length 20 mins. No respawns for Rebels, 1rspwn for Commandos and Berets. Upper Field. 100pts.

This game will be for the battle hardened. Taking place at OKC Mtn. highest point, Commandos and berets link up to eliminate a head FARC official who’s rummored to be in the cliffs at the crossroads.

- Patrol outlying area for incomig troops.
- Protect high ranking FARC official. 50pts.
- Protect Crossroads. 50pts.

- Push the hillside toward to the crossroads.
- Eliminate any insurgents.
- Seize control of Cross roads 50 pts.
- Eliminate FARC official. 50pts.

Breaching the bloodlineLength 30 mins. Respawns. 300pts.

With the rebel attacks getting closer to the port city of Buenaventura, special forces race to protect key installments to the cities livelihood. Rebel Insurgents look to cripple the cities infrastructure to weaken before an assault.
- Seize and control communication tower. 100pts
- Seize and control low lying oil line. 100pts
- Seize and control central high ground weapons cache. 100pts

Assault on BuenaventuraLength 25 mins. Respawns. 200pts.

Insurgents prepare for an all out assault on the Port city, Buenaventura. They need this key location to export a large shipment of cocaine. An informant for FARC unveils that US and Colombian Commandos await them in the city.

FARC/ELN: Start from Maze, Road 1, Lower maze creek corner.
- Seize control of Buenaventura.
- Deliver shipment of cocaine to port ships. 100pts
- Seize and control port security office. 100pts

- Defend everything at all costs. You will start pre-placed in the city and will be confined to the town limits. You must hold your ground and beat back the waves of enemy troops.
- Stop delivery of cocaine. 100 pts.
- Protect port security office. 100pts.

Jungle RashLength 20mins. Respawns. 100pts.

In the depths of the shit, their lies a secret plantation ran by the locals. FARC’/ELN forces set out to take it over, Commandos/Berets set out to destroy it. It’s a classic game of center flag in an area full of furns and foilage!

The last rail at Casa VerdeLength 25mins. Respawns. 400 pts.

Casa Verde, believed to be the strong hold of the Colombian drug trade and rebel insurgents. This installment is the heart of the drug operation and responsible for the maority of the cocaine manufactured in the country. New intel shows a meeting between many high priority targets is taking place. Casa Verde will be crawling insurgents, but there is no better time to strike than now….. but attacking it will be tough. Only a west entrance (maze) and the norther river (creek) offer opportunity to attack from.

- Seize and control conference building. 200pts.
- Seize breifcase of intel. 100pts.
- Destroy manufacturing center and hold. 100pts

Maps with objectives to come!!!!!

Let us know if you can attend! BBQ and cigars after!



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