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Welcome To The New OK Company Site

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welcomeWe here at OK Company are always trying to make things better for ourselves and our community. We are a community of paintball players, each bringing something different to the table. We welcome all paintball players from all walks of life and different teams. Our site is a work in progress, but will feature announcements of our upcoming scenario games, reviews of product, paintball news, thoughts and of course lots of paintball. Our new forums will be up soon so get ready for the rebirth of OKC!


5 Responses to “Welcome To The New OK Company Site”
  1. Dax Parsons (Joker) says:

    i still cant get on the new site invalid user name password help

  2. Captain A says:

    Hey Dax!

    Unfortunately right now, you need to re-register. Click the “forums” link and then click the “register” link. Then just fill in the blanks.

  3. xero says:

    I like this new site a lot.

    Is there any way to get my blogs back from the old site? I feel that seeing my old work would inspire me to do more. Kind of kills the inspiration just having it disappear like that.

  4. Captain A says:

    Thanks Bri Bri!

    We intended for it to not be such a quick transition, but that was out of our hands. I’ll peek through the sqp file. Did you have it on the okcpb site or the site?

  5. xero says:

    It was on the old site. Before we switched to the social networking format.

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