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Why Paintball is the Best Sport

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When it comes to teams, events, p8nt drama, politicmains, sponsorships, logistics and all that business; it can be easy to forget what a great sport paintball is. Within the context of comparing it to sports like football or baseball, paintball certainly represents a unique appeal.

Paintball is a sport where you don’t have to be an athlete. All it takes is a casual observation of players at big games to realize that. The fast and agile have their place right along with the slower, more methodical players that may be limited by too many donuts or beer bellyitus. Just because I may be able to sprint faster than you doesn’t mean you can’t be waiting behind that tree to prawn my ass. Besides, what sport have you done where you can smoke a cig between battles. OK, maybe you don’t smoke, or perhaps your a golfer? Regardless, paintball is a game where nubz can prawn the l33t. It’s whats in your mind and gut that makes the difference, foo.

main3Now I’ll be honest, paintball isn’t my favorite sport. Snowboarding is actually. *ducks a tomato* Paintball however is my favorite team sport though. There’s a big difference. I used to be a long distance runner and swimmer. And I stress used to be. So I bring a unique perspective to that paradigm. Well at least I think I so. :) But I digress. What I find the most appealing about paintball happens to be the people I play with. Whose got your front and whose got your back is key to the game. You learn things about your friends, you trust them, know their limitations, and on some occasions, willing to get overshot to hook a brother up. It’s the after game guffaws and giggles about goggling some nebz or getting shot in the peepee that I find unique to the sport of paintball. Everyone has a story and you’re going to hear about.

Serious time: Humans are drawn to a struggle, a conflict if you will. I dare anyone to take a hard look at football and then say the game does not mimic warfare. And like in war, there are antagonists and defenders, followers and leaders, winners and losers. All of combats appeal wrapped up in a relatively safe game is what you’ll get with paintball. We’ve all been romanticized with the valor of soldiers. In movies, with legos, in our back yard with sticks and imaginary friends. On one hand, its something we dream about experiencing, and on the other, thankful we’ll never have to.  It’s comradery, it’s bravery, and it’s one hell of a time.


3 Responses to “Why Paintball is the Best Sport”
  1. Captain A says:

    Nice post Art! Very right on.

    I was a guy who in high school, hated sports and sports people (jocks). I’ve since grown out of that, but I like paintball for the fact that I don’t have to be a jock to enjoy it or be good at it. Paintball does require some athleticism, but you can also enjoy roles, especially in woodsball. Leadership, support fire, runners, stealthy bastards, all have a place in paintball. A group like OK is why I play as much paintball as I do right now, the friendships I’m making are genuine and keep me coming back.

  2. Kenny says:

    Very Right on indeed! The biggest joy i get is showing someone the sport that I love.
    I too used to be a distance runner, a very personal sport where the only enemy is yourself.
    I love running with my fellow pumpers as a unit (we rock!).
    I find myself at times alone on the field fighting my old adversary, myself! Never knowing who is out and what you can get away with!
    Being able to test my limits out there makes me feel more alive than being 200ft up a tree with 500kV lines tickling my nutz (it’s the zappy zappy that makes me shy i think!)

  3. Geek says:

    Snowboarding is my favourite sport too :D paintball is runner up

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